Thinking of Buying?

Using a REALTOR® has a tremendous number of benefits, including market knowledge and experience, negotiating skills, strong community resources and relationships to fulfill various needs that arise (repairs, inspections, financing, moving companies, etc), information about homes being sold that may not be listed on the MLS® System negotiating skills, the ability to draft a legal contract that protects your best interests, etc.   In many ways, using a REALTOR® to purchase your home is like an insurance policy, and the best part is that their fees are often paid for by the Seller.

The relationship between Agent and Buyer must be based on mutual goals and understanding, so great communication is key. But most critical to this relationship is TRUST. You must feel like your REALTOR® has YOUR best interests at heart, first and foremost.  As your buying agent, I will help you secure the best possible price, with the most favorable terms, in a timeframe that best suits your needs. 

As a REALTOR®, I feel like my client(s) and I are a team. If you would like to get together for a coffee/tea and a chat to see if we would mesh well together, I would absolutely love to sit down and talk to you. Please drop me a line at, or call/text me at 519.385.5288. I look forward to meeting you in person and expressing my enthusiasm for this profession and how I could best serve your buying and selling needs.